Darker Roast Means Less Caffeine

Yes that’s right, the darker the roast, the less caffeine in it. Well, that’s thrown me off balance!

Why do darker roast beans have less caffeine in them?

Firstly, let’s get some source down:

Generally, dark-roast coffee has less caffeine than lighter roasts because the roasting process reduces the bean’s caffeine content. – Caffeine – Wiki

Drinking a darker roast will decrease your caffeine intake as the higher roasting temperatures eliminate more of the caffeine in the bean. – Sally’s Place

If you measure your coffee using a scoop you will have less caffeine per cup using dark roast coffee. CoffeeFaq.com

Now lets do some work ourselves

  • When caffeine is heated (or in this case, roasted), it loses water.
  • The loss of this water means the bean has less volume (The amount of space something takes up).
  • When you grind the darker roast bean, you are grinding less bean than a lighter roast due to the smaller volume.
  • Thus you end up with less caffeine in your cup of coffee.

Share your new found knowledge!

Next time someone asks you for a caffeine kick, why not recommend the lightest roast bean. It’ll spark conversation and you can share your new found and well researched fact. Enjoy!

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