Drinking coffee every day reduces diabetes risk

I think we all know of the benefits of coffee but it’s always nice to be reminded…

A reasonably thorough research has been conducted by the Swedish, Karolinska Institutem and Susanna Larsson.

  • Swedish research showed that “drinking enough coffee lowers the risk of stroke by a quarter in women, as well as helping combat type 2 diabetes and liver cancer”.
  • Karolinska Institutem discovered that after testing “35,000 women aged between 49 and 83 over a 10-year period”, those who drank one or more cups of coffee per day were up to 25 per cent less likely to have a stroke than women who drink less than a cup each day.
  • Susanna Larsson says – “Although the most appropriate amount of coffee per day is still uncertain, it seems that drinking about one to five cups a day is appropriate.”

“Previous research in 2008 from the same institute has suggested that men also receive a similar benefit from coffee.”

Source: Drinking coffee every day reduces diabetes risk

So there is some interesting news to dwell upon whilst you drink your freshly ground Hawaiian Kona coffee.

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