Nespresso Espresso coffee machine

Nespresso have a fine selection of Espresso coffee machines but one that has taken my eye is the ‘Citiz‘.

What is the Nespresso Citiz good for?

This machine is just perfect for a small work place.

  • Buy your coffee capsules from or smaller traders such as:
  • Place the capsule into the top of the Espresso Coffee machine
  • Make sure the back water panel is not empty
  • Press a button

How hard it is to maintain the Nespresso Citiz?

The upkeep of these machines is next to nothing and the coffee is not bad at all!

Is there a good variety of coffee beans for the Citiz?

There is certainly enough variety in the capsules to keep you interested too. The freshness of the coffee is good but cannot be compared to a coffee machine that grinds the beans fresh.

Nespresso Citiz reviews

Here are a few reviews that can give more information on the product:

I hope that this article helps you in your hunt for an Espresso Coffee Machine.

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