The cheap method for good fresh coffee

It’s always an issue – the cost of the Espresso machine – the one with the grinder that gets those beans pumping fresh coffee juice as quick as possible. Well, to be honest, it never was my favourite way, I always preferred the hands on approach. So this is (apart from when I’m feeling lazy) how I get my coffee tasting as fresh as possible. It’s all rather cheap and it will improve your coffee ten fold from the instant coffee/pre-ground beans.

What you need

  • A Cafetiere/French Press. I suggest something with measurements, the actual one I bought is from Office365.
  • A Coffee Bean Grinder. I bought mine really cheap from the James Martin collection. It’s awesome, I must admit, and so portable. I always take it to the office and grind some fresh beans, I get a few odd looks but trust me, it’s worth it.
  • A bag of Coffee Beans – This is the best part! Here are a list of websites I personally use for my coffee bean supplies:

How to make your coffee

  • Smell freshly opened bag of coffee beans
  • Place coffee beans into grinder until you can no longer see the blade at the bottom (usually serves about 6-8 cups). Obviously alter if you’re making for your self.
  • Give it a good 10 second whizz, the beans should look like this
  • Put one tea spoon per cup of ground coffee into your Cafetiere. I normally do a semi heap (if you heap each one, it will be a strong coffee.. so don’t do it.)
  • Boil the water and wait 10 seconds before pouring your hot water onto the freshly ground coffee beans. Obviously this is where the measurements on your cafetiere come in handy, 8 tea spoons of ground coffee, 8 measurements of hot water… You get the idea.
  • Stir and wait for 2-4 minutes (usually the amount of time it takes me to get to second floor of office)
  • Enjoy your cheap but amazingly fresh coffee.

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Author: James Trusler

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