Affogato al Caffè

Affogato is basically a shot of Espresso poured over an ice-cream called gelato, which is an Italian variation of ice-cream with lower butterfat ratio. Affogato is considered both a coffee-based drink and a dessert.

The Italian word Affogato stands for “drowned” or “poached”.

How to make it?

The recipe is very simple and you can make it at home anytime.

  • Use your favorite coffee bean selection and make a shot of Espresso.
  • Scoop up a generous amount of vanilla gelato/ice-cream into a nice bowl or an Espresso cup. That will make it cold and ready for the next step.
  • Optional: To customise your drink use different flavoured ice-cream, liqueur, cocoa powder or add some foam on top.
  • Pour hot Espresso coffee on top and serve immediately.
  • Now it’s ready to enjoy.

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