Caffè Corretto

What is Caffè Corretto

Caffè Corretto (Espresso Corretto) is basically a shot of espresso or ristretto coffee with added liquor, usually grappa, but any other spirit as sambuca, cognac or brandy is a good alternative.

The word ‘corretto’ is italian equivalent to ‘corrected’. Serving corretto is perfect after a meal or during colder days.

Similar drink with Spanish origin is called Carajillo.

How to make Corretto

  • Use medium roast bean espresso selection.
  • Finely ground the beans, but avoid getting powdery texture of the bean.
  • Make an espresso in your espresso machine and make sure the crema covers the top of the prepared coffee.
  • Make sure the liquor you wish to use has room-temperature and add a splash into the cup.
  • The liquor shouldn’t overcome the taste of coffee and contrary.

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