Caffè Cortado

What is Caffè Cortado

Caffè Cortado is generally an Espresso based drink with added milk (ratio 1:1). It is very similar to Capuccino. The difference is that Cortado has little to no foam, steamed milk creates microfoam which doesn’t separate the visible foam as it does in other “milky coffees” and its function is to reduce acidity. The milk is added always after the Espresso. In Spanish cafés (coffee houses), you get to choose from different variants of Cortado with:

  1. very hot milk
  2. cold milk
  3. less amount of milk
  4. more amount of milk (Also called ‘Galao’)
  5. or condensed milk (This is referred to as ‘Bombon’ or ‘Condensada’)

Cortado has roots in Spain, and literally means “cut”. It is usually drunk in the afternoon in glasses with supporting metal handle. It has became a popular coffee drink in all Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions.

Another similar drink is Australian originated ‘Piccolo’, which is basically smaller Caffè Latte.

How to make a Caffè Cortado – Quick and easy preparation

  • Make a shot of Espresso coffee and let it brew into a coffee cup twice the size of your normal one. Fill half of it.
  • Steam the milk, but make sure you do not create a dry foam; foam bubbles must be tiny and kept inside the milk creating velvety light texture.
  • Add the milk into the shot of Espresso and serve.

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