Caffè Mocha

What is Caffè Mocha?

The simplest way to characterize this delicious drink is:

Mocha = Caffè Latte + chocolate

That means the Mocha Coffee is one third Espresso and two thirds steamed milk with a portion of sweet cocoa powder or chocolate syrup. Dark or milk chocolate is usually used but there are other known variants of Mocha including white chocolate (White Mocha) or a mix of both dark and white chocolate. Mocha with mixed chocolate syrups is referred to as a Zebra Mocha, Marble Mocha or Tuxedo Mocha.

The origin of Mocha has roots in port Mocha located on the shore of Red Sea, which is part of Yemen nowadays. Mocha port was the main exporter of coffee beans to Arabian peninsula areas. The coffee beans were smaller and rounded and made a rich, sweet and chocolaty tasting dark coffee (that’s where the bond of coffee and chocolate came from). Their demand increased after the Europeans discovered it in the 15th century where it was placed in cafès (coffeehouses) of european cities like Amsterdam or Paris.

Make Mocha at home:

  • Place 80ml/3oz. of chocolate syrup onto the bottom of tall glass cup.
  • Use 450ml/16oz. of ice milk and steam it.
  • (Alternative: Instead of pouring the chocolate part on the bottom of the cup, pour it into the milk and steam together.)
  • Make a single or double shot of Espresso in your Espresso machine.
  • Now pour 3/4 of milk into the cup and stir gently. Hold the foam in the steaming pitcher while pouring and let go just before the end of pouring. That will create a nice foam on top.
  • Pour in the Espresso. You can stir again with the milk and chocolate to mix the flavours but it is not necessary.
  • Add the rest of the foamy milk.
  • Place a generous dollop of cold cream on top.
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon, grounded chocolate or grounded coffee beans, caramel syrup or even fruity pieces like raspberries and coconut for decoration and nice finish. When it comes to taste and flavour the list of additions is endless.
  • Optional: Serve with biscuit or amareto cookie.

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