Canadiano Coffee

Americano, Canadiano… What next?

So what is Canadiano Coffee

Canadiano coffee is a strong coffee beverage that consists of Espresso and drip coffee.

There are three variants of this drink, the most common names for these are:

  • Black Eye (one shot of Espresso used)
  • Red Eye (two shots)
  • Dead Eye (with three shots of Espresso).

Preparation is beyond easy. Just make a cup of drip and Espresso coffee. Use as many shots of Espresso as you need and add it to a large coffee mug containing the drip coffee. Done.

The awakening effect of this coffee is proporcional to the size of your mug, so make sure you require the burst of energy before starting to drink.

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  1. Finn says:

    Canadiano is different to Black/Red/Dead eye, in the sense that with the latter, the Espresso is poured into a cup of drip coffee, whilst with a Canadiano, the drip coffee is poured into the Epresso. (Ingredients are still the same, though.

  2. kyle says:

    If you want to make the real deal “Canadiano” coffee, you make a red eye, 1 shot of espresso with drip coffee, with a shot of maple syrup

  3. Bettieluv says:

    The Canadiano I had today at the Aroma Espresso Bar at Pleasant Blvd, Toronto was two-thirds Americano with one-third steamed milk added on top and stirred in. Appropriately named, I thought, because it was something of a metaphor for Canada, i.e. on top of the Americano, blended in and overall more placid. 🙂

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