Espresso Coffee / Caffè Espresso

What is an Espresso coffee?

The origin of the word (and the Espresso beverage itself) is from Italy.

The word Espresso literally describes the feelings you experience after one sip: expression of flavour and aroma, pressed through the ground beans, expressly and freshly made just for you.

Espresso coffee is usually very dark roasted coffee with a strong bitter-sweet taste, mild hazel-brown crema on top and distinctive aroma. The beans are roasted until they are dark and oily in appearance.

For preparing Espressos, it is recommended that you choose from a selection of Arabica beans with intensive sourness. However, there is not one specific and strict rule to making a great tasting and aromatic Espresso coffee. There are other known variants like the light roasted Espressos appreciated in North Italy. Espresso is a base for other coffees, such as Macchiatto, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano and Mocha.

Some Espresso based coffees are made with ‘Doppio’ = double shot or ‘Triplo’ = triple shot of Espresso.

How to make an Espresso coffee:

The brewing time for an Espresso is quite short to compare with other kinds of coffee. A cup of Espresso coffee is made by pushing hot water through ground coffee beans at high pressures. The quality of taste in an Espresso coffee is influenced by the temperature and the pressure of the water, the fineness of the ground coffee and how tightly the coffee is packed.

Espresso coffee should be drunk immediately after being prepared because the foam (crema) shrivels and the drinks structure breaks down. Even if u do not mind or even prefer colder coffee, it is not recommended because the aroma substances that coffee contains can dry out, which means that after a while, you are only drinking coloured water.

The 3 factors of making good Espresso coffee:

For making a shot of good Espresso coffee, it is important to adhere to these basic facts:

  • 90-96°C /195-205°F water (water shouldnt be boiling during any of the preparation time)
  • The water must pass through the ground coffee beans at a minimum of 9 bars of pressure.
  • The process should only take 20-30 seconds.

Result is a small cup (30 mililitres/1 oz) of Espresso. Tip: For nice Espresso warm up the cup before pouring in.

What is a Barista?

A Barista is a name given to an Espresso based Coffee beverage expert. It is very common to find a Barista as an employee of cafés (coffee houses). The word ‘barista’ has italian origins and means ‘bartender’. A Barista’s work comprises of the whole process of making coffee i.e. roasting and blending, serving the coffee drinks, using the machines and cleaning the equipment.


As mentioned above, the origin of Espresso coffee comes from Italy. The urbanization has popularized and rised the comsumption of coffee in general. The Espresso writes its history since the beginning of the twentieth century. Modern people’s life-styles have grown ever faster and the demand requires quicker and easier solutions to everything and anything, alas, coffee is not an exception. The first step was inventing coffee machines – 1901 Luigi Bezzera, which were manufactured at the very beginning of their existance – 1905 Desiderio Pavoni.

Espresso has became one of the most popular coffee types in the last decade, A favourite among many.

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