Caffè Macchiato

Caffè Macchiato (Espresso Macchiato) is usually a double or triple shot of Espresso with a dollop of dense milky foam placed on top to cover the Espresso.

In Italian, Macchiato literally means ‘marked’ or ‘stained (with)’. This coffee is ‘marked’ by a drop of milk, which differentiates Caffè Macchiato from dark Caffè Espresso.

Caffè Machiato has two variants: Caffè Macchiato Freddo (with cold milk) and Caffè Macchiato Caldo (with hot milk). Freddo is good if you are in hurry or can’t wait until your coffee gets to a drinkable temperature.

Note: Not to be confused with Latte Macchiato which is prepared by adding an Espresso to frothed and steamed milk. The milk and coffee parts make layers and smaller amounts of Espresso are used (compared to the Caffe Macchiato or Caffe Latte).

Note: Starbucks’ Macchiato, has become very popular around the world. It was often referred to incorrectly, with real Italian Caffè Macchiato. Caramel Macchiato presented by Starbucks is a caramel form of Latte (not Macchiato).

How to make a Macchiato

Firstly, decide which variant you prefer: Freddo or Caldo.

  • Use finely ground beans and make a double shot of Espresso in your Espresso machine. If you haven’t prepared any Espresso yet, follow these instructions on how to make Espresso coffee and double the amount of each ingredient.
  • Steam/whip a small amount of milk until it becomes foamy on top. Take care not to over steam the milk to avoid bubbles, steaming the milk for Macchiato is the same as for Cappuccino. If you’ve decided for Freddo remember: the colder milk the better. Milk and foam should not separate until it’s poured into the mug.
  • Pour the brewed coffee into a warmed 100 ml/3.5 oz. ceramic mug.
  • (If you wish, add a teaspoon of sugar before adding the foam.)
  • Pour the steamed (or cold) foamy milk into the centre of the mug. To create a nice milky heart shape on top just lightly twist the wrist to the front (away from your body) and raise the pitcher.
  • The ratio of Espresso and foam should be 4:1. By pouring more milk, you would make a Cappuccino.

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